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The Pirate Pasty Company For wholesale & bake off pasties.

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    We make the best range of quality West Country pasties, Sausage rolls, Quiche, Cocktail & party foods,All ready for bake off to sell to your customers, fresh hot and as good as the day they are made.We only use the best West Country ingredients and then deliver them to your company frozen and ready to be cooked for your customers enjoyment. Made in the traditional way our pasties are the best on the market. Made with the freshest West Country sourced ingredients, using our secret family recipe, hand  crimped in the true west country way full of goodness and filling,

    Quiche everyone's favourite party  buffet food.We make many varieties for  all taste's,  including vegetarian.These are large deep filled 12" quiche, and are  bursting with all local produce.

    Our main business is "Bake Off Pastie's" for  bakeries, supermarkets, chain stores & food wholesalers. We  supply ready to bake pasties delivered frozen, for all your catering needs. 

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